Journal of Central European Agriculture (JCEA) scientific journal in agriculture

Dear Visitor, welcome to our web site. Journal of Central European Agriculture (JCEA) is open access peer-reviewed online international scientific journal. Journal publishes new numbers 4 times per year in electronic version.

From the Journal's history

JCEA founded in 1999 by three universities from Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia. Nowadays, JCEA is an international scientific journal published in cooperation between nine member countries from Central European region.

JCEA was founded as a response to the need for dynamic knowledge exchange, modern information sharing and scholarly communication. Throughout past decade of publishing, due to proper management, journal has become recognized as one of leading international journals.

Aims and scopes

  • General agriculture
  • Animal science, animal welfare and husbandry
  • Crop science
  • Entomology and beekeeping
  • Wildlife management
  • Agricultural economics
  • Environment in relation to agricultural production, land use
  • Rural development
  • Social issues regarding rural/farm populations
  • Other topics related to agriculture

Article types

Original scientific papers
JCEA publishes papers containing results of original research. The material should not be previously published or under consideration elsewhere. The length of original scientific papers should be up to 20 manuscript pages.
Review article
The length of review papers is limited to 18 printed pages, i.e. about 65.000 characters.
Supplement to agricultural profession
Brief accounts of particularly interesting results can be published as supplement to agricultural profession. Their length is limited to four printed pages, i.e. about 10.000 characters (including figures and tables). They have the same structure as original articles.
Preliminary communication
The Journal publishes short articles that reflect important research findings and should be published rapidly. These findings should be new and unpublished as part of original scientific papers.
Congress reports
Summaries of congress reports are limited to 1.700 characters. They have no chapters, bibliographic references or acknowledgements. Proceedings are published by prior arrangement with the Editorial Board.
The Journal will publish brief notes of scientific interest to disseminate information and observations of preliminary nature. The length of such notes will be strictly restricted to two pages (approx. 5.000 characters) and publication will depend on general interest of the readers.

Each paper, prior to publishing, pass through review process preformed by senior scientist from different member countries. Journal content features articles that reflect original research, interpretative content and content of special interest for agricultural profession.

Since one of Journal goals is support for preserving and developing of national languages in agriculture, this web site has built to support search and display of published articles on member countries languages. The articles are easily used in practical and professional work of country where the research was conducted. For reviewing and use in other countries, articles in national languages have detailed (prolonged) abstract and pictures titled in English.

Journal publishes content under creative commons license and all published content on this site can be accessed, used and distributed in any form (printed or digital) free of charge. The access to full text of published articles is available throughout downloadable Adobe PDF files. The authors of published articles bare full responsibility for the content of their papers and viewpoints of the authors presented in published papers are not necessary shared by Journal's editorial board.

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

It is necessary to agree upon standards of expected ethical behavior for all parties involved in the act of publishing (authors, editors, peer reviewers, publisher).

The JCEA ethic statements are based on the guidelines and standards developed and published by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). All documents are available free of charge on COPE website


  • JCEA editor is responsible for deciding which of the articles submitted to the journal should be published
  • JCEA editor will accept and evaluate manuscripts for their intellectual content regardless of race, gender, nationality, ethics origin, political philosophy, religious belief or sexual orientation of the authors
  • Editors must not disclose any information about a submitted manuscript to anyone other than stakeholders
  • Unpublished manuscripts or materials must not be used in an editors own research
  • All submitted manuscripts will be considered for publication free of charge


  • Authors attest that paper is their own, original and unpublished work
  • Authors guarantee that the manuscript it has not been copied or plagiarised (in whole or in part); a paper should contain sufficient detail and references to permit others to replicate the work; any used information resources (phrases, data, images, …) must be appropriately cited or quoted
  • Authorship should be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to the manuscript content. All those who made significant contribution should be listed as co-authors
  • Affiliation (all authors/co-authors) and corresponding address (main author) must be clearly stated
  • When an authors discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in own published work, it is the author’s obligation to promptly notify the Publisher and cooperate with the editor to retract or correct the paper


  • Any manuscripts received for review must be treated as confidential documents
  • Privileged information/ideas obtained by reviewers through peer review process must be kept confidential and not used for personal advantage
  • Personal criticism of the author is inappropriate, review should be conducted objectively
  • All suggestions and comments should be followed with supporting arguments