DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/13.1.1015

Review article

Mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change in Hungary

2012, 13 (1)   p. 58-72

Márta HUNKÁR Zemankovics


This review paper is a brief summary of the climate change story, transforming of primary concept from a scientific idea to a threatened world, and the contribution of Hungary in solution of above mentioned problems. According to the National Inventory published in 2010 the time series of GHG emissions together with real GDP changes will be shown. The way of mitigation available for Hungary is illustrated by climate strategies on different levels. Since the most vulnerable sector of the economy is agriculture as Hungarian researchers found, mainly the increasing frequency of drought seems to be dangerous. The impact of climate change was studied on the production level of main crops and the whole agricultural sector as well as on the GDP of the country. Some possible ways for agriculture to adapt to the increasing extremities will be mentioned. Altogether climate change means a challenge to technological development in all sectors of the economy and also in social cohesions and that is a feedback to adaptation.


climate change, gdp, drought index, mitigation, adaptation


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