Original scientific paper

Comparsion of production performance of two genetic groups of turkeys reared in the Semi-intensive system

2012, 13 (3)   p. 403-415



Production results were compared for two groups of turkeys reared in semi-intensive system. The material included 40 primitive turkeys of the light type and 40 heavy hybrids of the Big-6 line (commercial flock). Females was raised to 14 and males to 22 weeks of life. During the rearing, body weight (g) was controlled individually and feed intake (g) was monitored in groups, in weekly intervals. Significantly higher body weight values (P ≤ 0.01) were reported in both females (8806 g) and males Big-6 (23593 g), compared to primitive turkeys (2418 g and 6589 g, respectively). Big-6 turkeys were also characterized by a faster growth rate. This group compared to primitive turkeys showed also a higher feed intake and lower FCR values. Losses control of the turkeys throughout the rearing period showed a 17.5% increase in the survival rate in the group of primitive turkeys.


turkey, genetic group, growth performance, semi-intensive system

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