DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/13.4.1104

Original scientific paper


2012, 13 (4)   p. 643-653

Vladimir Kurćubić, Marija Vukašinović, Pavle Mašković, Milun Petrović


The objectives of our study were to examine certain chemical quality parameters in samples of various subgroups of boiled sausages and compare obtained values with reference values (Rule book on the quality of minced meat, semi-finished meat and meat products, Official Gazette of RS, no. 31/2012). We used two reference chemical methods: determination of nitrogen and phosphorus content (SRPS ISO 937:1992, SRPS ISO 13730:1999). For determination of hydroxyproline we used M 050 “in house” modified method. We concluded that the total number of tested samples of Fine grounded boiled sausages (n=170), 47 (27.65%) does not match the requirements for the quality provided the above mentioned Rule book, of which 21 samples because lower total protein content (TP) and 33 samples because higher relative protein content of connective tissue (RPC). The most common chemical quality failure of examined Coarsely grounded boiled sausages (n=94) is a higher percent of RPC than allowed (18 - 25 %). We consider in samples of same subgroup lower content of TP in 8 samples (11.11 %). From a total of 8 samples tested Boiled sausages with meat peaces (Šunkarica), all tested samples revealed lower content of TP than allowed (100 %) and 2 samples (25 %) higher relative protein content of connective tissue (RPC). The most common deficiency that reduces the chemical quality of the boiled sausages is higher level of RPC, demonstrated in 53 (19.48 %) of the total (n=272) samples tested. Something minor drawback is the lower percent of TP determined in 37 samples (13.60 %). Total P2O5 content was compatibile with the values permitted by the Rule book in all of 272 examined samples, indicating a strict adherence to regulations when using phosphate as one of the technologically most important additives in the production of boiled sausages.


boiled sausages, relative protein content of connective tissue, total phosphorus content, total protein content


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