DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/13.4.1122

Original scientific paper

Seasonal effects on the population dynamics of soil nematodes in a maize field

2012, 13 (4)   p. 739-746



A study on the seasonal changes of nematode population was conducted during period of May to September, 2011 in maize field Komoca in Slovak Republic. A total of 37 nematode species from 32 genera were found. The identified nematode species belonged mainly to the orders Dorylaimida Pearse, 1942, Tylenchida Thorne, 1949 and Rhabditida Chitwood, 1933. Dominant species were Acrobeloides nanus (de Man, 1880), Cephalobus persegnis Bastian, 1865 and Eucephalobus striatus (Bastian, 1865). Dominance of many species changed during the season. In May it was found dominance of Rhabditis spp. (almost 80 % of total nematodofauna) but this dominance dropped during the season. On the other hand, dominance of C. persegnis, Aphelenchoides minimus, Bitylenchus dubius increased during the season. Nematode species C. persegnis, E. striatus, Filenchus vulgaris and Mylonchulus brachyuris had a frequency of occurrence over 90%. The highest abundance of nematodes was found in May and the lowest abundance was found in September.


nematodes, seasonal effects, population dynamics, zea mays


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