Original scientific paper

Behaviour of calves in the first weeks of life

2013, 14 (1)   p. 33-41

Wojciech NEJA


Behavioural observations were conducted on 20 calves (10 bull calves and 10 heifer calves). The first series of observations was made in the first 4 days of life, and the second after a month (within 30 to 33 days of calving). Time from birth to first unassisted standing (standing on all extended legs) ranged from 16 minutes (heifers) to 158 minutes (bulls) for normal calving. Calves born from normal parturitions stood up after an average of 81 minutes and those born from difficult parturitions after 302 minutes. Calves that required assistance at calving showed shorter standing and longer lying time. In the first 4 days of life and after a month, both male and female calves were more often in left lateral recumbency when resting. Heifer calves more often visited the feeder while bull calves more often consumed concentrates, water and hay.


calves, behavior, welfare

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