Review article

Fusarium mycotoxins and methods of assessing the mycotoxicity: a review

2013, 14 (1)   p. 169-180



Fungi of the genus Fusarium, which may infect many species of plants, as well as reduce the quantity of yield and deteriorate the grain and forage quality, are a threat because of the possibility of mycotoxin contamination of the forage. The ability to product mycotoxin is commonly found in many types of fungi. The European Commission has introduced a standardized content of these toxins in various products. Therefore, there is a need to determine mycotoxicity and mycotoxins content in various products, including the forage. Aim of this paper is to gather information about mycotoxins produced by fungi of the genus Fusarium and ways of detecting them.


chromatography, fusarium, mycotoxin, scar-pcr

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