Original scientific paper

The status and prospects for genetically modified food in Europe and Croatia

2013, 14 (1)   p. 250-260

Nada KNEŽEVIĆ, Jelena ĐUGUM, Jadranka FRECE


In the last sixteen years worldwide production of genetically modified (GM) crops has been increased sharply. At the same time, consumer‟s attitudes toward food products made from GM ingredients have been largely negative. This review considers the global production of GM plants in 2011 and consumer attitudes towards genetically modified foods in Europe and Croatia. While planted areas of GM crops grow worldwide, data from European surveys shows generally negative consumer‟s perception towards GM food. Eurobarometer survey from 2010 was especially pointed out, where Croatian consumers were included in research for first time. It has been shown that the Croatian, even more than Europeans, do not approve the use of genetically modified food in human consumption. This aversion to GM crops is based on the personal attitude of consumers, whereas the two main risks cited are: potential health risk and preference for natural food, and social risks which include possible adverse effects of GM plants on the environment. Research has shown that the perceived level of risk by consumers can be mitigated if the confidence is built in state institutions and scientific research.


consumer opinion, genetically modified crops, genetically modified food, gmo, legislation

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