Original scientific paper

Effect of transport, rest period and temperature on pork quality from different countries

2013, 14 (2)   p. 751-757

Juraj MLYNEK, Ivan IMRICH, Wojciech KAPELAŃSKI, Eva Mlyneková


The aim of the experiment was to assess the pig meat quality in relation to preslaughter conditions and import country. In the experiment, the meat quality of 1980 pigs was evaluated. The animals were divided into three groups according to country of import (Slovakia, Hungary and Netherlands). The following pre-slaughter indicators were evaluated: duration of transport, duration of housing, temperature during housing and transport. The meat quality was judged on the basis of the pH1 value measured 45 minutes after the slaughter in the musculus longissimus dorsi – pH1 MLD and in the musculus semimembranosus – pH1 MSM. The highest frequency of PSE (pale, soft, exudative) meat in the MLD was in the group of pigs imported from Slovakia (24.13 %). These pigs had also statistically significant (P<0.01) the lowest average pH1 MLD (6.05) in comparison with other imports. The incidence of PSE meat in the MSM was in all evaluated groups above 10 %. Group of pigs from Slovakia had the lowest value of pH1 MSM (6.23) in comparison with other groups of pigs (P<0.01). Even though the average length of housing in a slaughterhouse was from 11.26 to 15.43 hours high incidence of PSE meat was recorded. However group of pigs with the longest rest period (15.43 hours - Netherlands) had significantly higher pH1 MLD and pH1 MSM compared to other imports (P<0.01). From these results can be concluded that the incidence of PSE meat in evaluated groups is relatively high. Prolonging rest period and lower temperatures had positively influence on the incidence of PSE meat and pH value.


pork quality, rest period, temperature, transport

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