Original scientific paper

Body conformation and morphometry of some internal organs of Pharaoh quail of different ages

2013, 14 (2)   p. 836-846



The effect of age of Pharaoh quail on body weight, body conformation and development of internal organs, including the digestive tract, was determined. At the age of 35 days, Pharaoh quail were characterized by significantly lower body weight, length of trunk with neck, and length of trunk compared to 45-day-old birds. Younger quail had slightly shorter breast bone and lower thighs, smaller chest girth, and the same length of shanks. Body conformation indices were significantly (P0.05) higher in 35-day-old birds. Pharaoh quail, evaluated at 35 and 45 days of age, did not differ significantly in the length of the oesophagus and crop, the length of intestine and its segments, and the weight and proportion of gizzard, proventriculus and heart. As birds aged, liver weight increased significantly, as did the weight and proportion of testicles in males.


pharaoh quail, age, body weight, digestive tract

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