Original scientific paper

Characteristics of cytomixis in the pollen mother cells of green manure crop Sesbania cannabina

2013, 14 (3)   p. 872-880

Girjesh Kumar, Nitisha Srivastava


Cytomixis has been reported in many plant species, but there is no published report in Sesbania cannabina spp. The cytological stability of any plant is an important consideration in view of its extensive use in genetics and plant breeding programmes. Present study reveals the occurrence of inter PMC (pollen mother cell) transfer of chromatin material. During present investigation, it was found that out of different doses of gamma rays + ethylmethane sulfonate, the highest dose displayed the highest instances of cytomixis. In present investigation, the phenomenon of cytomixis can be observed between 2 to 10 PMCs. During male meiosis, it occurs through narrow and broad cytoplasmic channels or through direct contact between PMCs from early prophase to late telophase stage. However, the frequency of its occurrence during late meiotic stages is rather low. It elucidates that in Sesbania cannabina, induced cytomixis results into possible sources for production of aneuploids and polyploids. This may be further useful in plant breeding programmes to improve genotypic and phenotypic characters of Sesbania cannabina.


meiosis, cytoplasmic channels, polyploids, aneuploids

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