Original scientific paper

Live weight and body measurement of Hungarian Thoroughbred broodmares

2013, 14 (3)   p. 952-962

Szabolcs Bene, Anita Giczi, Zsuzsanna Nagy, Zsuzsanna Benedek, Ferenc Szabó, Péter Polgár


Live weights and 21 body measurements of 110 adult brood mares from Thoroughbred breed were evaluated in Hungary. Body measurements and some body measure indices were determined. One way ANOVA was used to compare the studs. Regression equations were developed to estimate the live weight from body measurements. Population genetic parameters of the examined traits were estimated. Only few differences among studs, concerning evaluated body measurements, were presented - firstly: body measurements, related to the kilter and nutritional status (hearth girth) - were significant. Between the mentioned traits and the live weight medium positive correlation (r = 0.47 - 0.79; P<0.01) was found. For the estimation of live weight with regression model the necessary data are as follows: hearth girth, 2nd width of rump and diagonal length of body. The determination coefficient was 0.80 (P<0.01). Height at withers, of back and at rump (h2 = 0.66, 0.67 and 0.51) showed medium heritability values. The heritability of depth of chest and height of bieler-point were 0.32 and 0.48, respectively. Quite small differences were found between the stallions in most of the body measurements. The live weight and height measurements were exceptions, as here the differences between the sires were slightly higher. As a conclusion it can be stated that the Thoroughbred population in Hungary is quite homogenous in terms of the most important body measurements.


thoroughbred, brood mare, live weight, body measurements, body measure indices, live weight estimation

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