Original scientific paper


2013, 14 (3)   p. 1116-1131

Magdaléna Bartošová, Štefan Buday


The paper is focused on the evaluation of economic, social and environmental challenges of sustainable agriculture. The selected indicators of the economic challenges of sustainable agriculture imply that agriculture in Slovakia is not in long term be able to ensure competitiveness in the European market, gross agricultural output is characterized by a faster decline in animal production than in crop production and the value of import of agri-food commodities is higher than the value of export. According to selected indicators of social challenges of sustainable agriculture the number of persons working in agriculture has decreasing tendency in last years. The evaluation of selected indicators of environmental challenges of sustainable agriculture implies that area of organic agriculture is the most widely applied sub-measure within the measure agri-environmental payments. For ensuring the balance of the three mentioned dimensions of sustainable agriculture is necessary to increase of local production and consumption of local products, to ensure the protection of nature and landscape, to ensure rural development and to increase the employment opportunities in countryside.


agri-environmental support, economic challenges of sustainable agriculture, employment in agriculture, environmental challenges of sustainable agriculture, gross agricultural output, less favoured areas, natura 2000, social challenges of sustainable agriculture, sustainable agriculture

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