Original scientific paper


2013, 14 (3)   p. 1220-1231

Ľubomíra Moravcová, Ľudmila Maďarová


We deal in this paper with teaching foreign languages for specific purposes (LSP) the future agricultural graduates, which plays a major role at the Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra as part of its language education system. Besides specialized terms and definitions, it also covers mastering the specific functional style of a given foreign language. Graduates from this university have shown their competence in various agricultural fields of study, as well as foreign language use in professional placement abroad. To be good at one´s specialization means to follow the latest news and the newest forms of research constantly, to read professional magazines proficiently, to be able to write scientific papers and present them in public, and to be ready to lead international teams in various agricultural projects. Our paper deals with the research we have provided at the Department of Languages. The goal of research was the four year monitoring of the group of 156 students of the Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra who were supposed, within their language UNIcert®, level III (C1) exam, to write their projects on varied specific topics of their own choices, to prepare and perform their presentations in the English or German languages, as well as evaluation of their results. The mentioned research was carried out in the years 2007 – 2010. The students were, through this exam, verified their complex skills in creating their own texts as well as their ability to present them in public.


evaluation, language for specific purposes, presentation, specialized terminology, unicert®, level iii (c1)

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