DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/14.4.1342

Original scientific paper


2013, 14 (4)   p. 1287-1297

Marian Bujna , Miroslav Prístavka , Maroš Korenko , Milan Kadnár


A safety audit in a hatching company in order to improve the hatching quality and poultry breeding, poultry products and production by reducing risk factors and improving safety was performed. In the article is discussed the safety audit consisting of several parts such as an audit questionnaire and FMEA methods (analysis of causes and consequences of failures) where there are specified potential risks arising at work. These risks are evaluated, and corrective measures are defined to reduce the formation of potential risks. It examines the process of retraining employees on occupational safety and health, personal protective equipment and fire protection. To optimize the production, a compound feed production programme was designed.


agriculture, control risk, hazards questionnaire, fmea, safety audit


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