DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/14.4.1376

Original scientific paper


2013, 14 (4)   p. 1461-1472

Juraj Rusnák , Milan Kadnár , František Tóth , Michal Kročko


This paper deals with a possible use of biodegradable oil for lubrication of tribological nodes in hydraulic and transmission systems. They are mainly used in agriculture and forestry. For this reason, the research project was aimed mostly at hydraulic and gear oils, directly or indirectly designated for machinery working in these fields. The oil was tested according to the standard ASTM G77-05(2010). The study of the tribological node included monitoring the friction factor depending on time, and monitoring the temperature of the sliding node depending on time. In the triboelement shaft – bearing, we monitored the weight losses as well as changes in the selected characteristic of contact surface roughness. The monitored characteristic was Ra. A complete picture of geometric changes of the tested triboelement was described by the geometric deviation of cylindricity. The system also includes the study of lubricating medium. We determined the initial and final code of oil purity. The characteristics were statistically evaluated. Two oils were tested: PP 80 (producer: Slovnaft Bratislava) and ARNICA S 46 (producer: Agip). According to the results, both oils are appropriate for using in given conditions. No significant differences in their tribological characteristics were found. In conclusion, the results confirmed that the suggested system for evaluating the suitability of biodegradable lubricants is applicable in given laboratory or operating conditions. The conclusions can be used in practice for choosing the lubricant. The results can also help to create an order of appropriate oils. The conclusions can also be used by producers of lubricants as information about functional characteristics of their products.


ecological oil, friction factor, sliding bearing


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