DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/15.1.1406

Original scientific paper

Quality of durable cookies enriched with rape bee pollen

2014, 15 (1)   p. 24-38

Miriam Solgajová , Janka Nôžková , Marianna Kadáková


The objective of this study was to enrich durable cookies with different additions of rape (Brassica napus var. napus) bee pollen to increase nutritional properties of cookie samples and to improve technological and sensorial properties as well. Bee pollen is an important raw material due to its nutritional and functional properties. Cookie samples were prepared by substituting wheat flour with rape bee pollen in the amount of 16 % (1 g of bee pollen per cookie) and 32 % (2 g of bee pollen per cookie) using bee pollen from two localities Lenártovce and Nové Zámky. In baked samples beside sensory properties also chemical parameters and technological parameters of cookies were evaluated. It was found out that with the gradual addition of rape bee pollen the amount of ash content increased and the highest ash content was analysed in variants II and IV (0.71 and 0.77 %) using 32 % addition of rape bee pollen. In terms of reducing sugars, addition of bee pollen caused that the content of reducing sugars in the products increased slightly. The highest reducing sugar content was determined in variant II. (24.59 %). On the other hand amount of crude protein the most considerably raised by addition of 2 g of pollen per cookie. The highest content of crude protein was analysed in variants II and IV (8.72 and 9.00 %). From the results of a linear models in which the dependent variables were the ash, crude protein and moisture it was determined the significant effect (p <0.05) only of the pollen addition. In the case of the model with the dependent variable reducing sugars it was found out significant effect (p<0.0001) of pollen addition and locality and their interactions. With the gradual addition of bee pollen values of technological parameters such as diameter and weight of cookies increased and thickness of products decreased. Based on sensory scores using a 9-point Hedonic scale the best sensorial acceptability (7.4) was found in variant I (1 g of bee pollen per cookie). Cookies were characterized by a pleasant, but little bit cabbage smell. Cookies were easy to chew and were of a sufficient delicate flavour with slight pollen and honey aftertaste. Taking into account all aspects of quality it can be concluded that the most acceptable addition of bee pollen was 16 % (1 g of bee pollen per cookie) from locality Lenártovce (south part of middle Slovakia).


bee pollen, nutritional composition, durable cookies, sensory parameters, technological parameters


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