DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/15.1.1412

Original scientific paper

The Behaviour of the Pigs Housed in Hot Climatic Conditions

2014, 15 (1)   p. 64-75

Ondrej Debreceni, Andrea Lehotayová , Ondřej Bučko, Juraj Petrák


The effect of high temperature on the behaviour of growing-finishing pigs was studied. The pigs were housed in a climate controlled chamber, the air temperature was kept constant at 30°C and the relative humidity was 32.5% during the whole 3 months. Aggressive behaviour and daily activities of the pigs were recorded during the light hours, from 6:00 till 18:00. Detailed observations showed that during the experiment, the pigs were most of the time lying (72%, P<0.001). Pigs spent more time lying on the floor without bedding (86.65%, P<0.01) compared to floor with bedding (13.35%, P<0.001). The second activity, which occurred most after lying was eating (16%, P<0.001) then standing (10%, P<0.001). From all observation activities, the least amount of time the pigs were sitting (1%) and moving (1%). Drinking and social contacts – aggression were less frequent. After the each week, a significant decrease in aggression was recorded (P<0.001), an aggressive contacts occurred mainly during the eating and drinking. The pigs were active with peaks in the morning and afternoon. This study confirms that the high temperature influences the behaviour of the animals; the pigs are not very active, the most of the time they are lying on the cool places without bedding.


behaviour, high temperature, pigs


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