DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/15.1.1414

Original scientific paper

Impact of land consolidation on the visual characteristics (scenery) of a landscape

2014, 15 (1)   p. 76-85

Zlatica Muchová , František Petrovič


New spatial and functional rearrangement of the territory represented by the changed structure of the plots (change of the landscape structure) is one of the main and most visible results of a comprehensive landscape adaptation. Projects of comprehensive landscape adaptation are designed to accommodate for production and landscape value of the territory. Landscape structure belongs to the most important components of landscape character. The landscape structure was evaluated in three levels: historical structure (2nd military mapping), present-day structure (results of mapping survey in the frame of a comprehensive landscape adaptation) and the new landscape structure (results of the proposed plan of the functional rearrangement of the territory) based on the cadastral territory of Veľké Vozokany in Nitra region (near Zlaté Moravce), South-Western Slovakia. The changes in the landscape are identified by the rearrangement of the arable land, forests, vineyards, gardens, fruit gardens/plantations, permanent grassland, water surfaces, and other areas. In this contribution, we made an attempt to describe the role of the comprehensive landscape adaptations in the process of designing landscape changes which do significantly contribute to modification of the landscape character.


land consolidation, landscape evolution, landscape adaptation, types of plots


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