DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/15.1.1419

Original scientific paper

Combining abilities for spike traits in a diallel cross of barley

2014, 15 (1)   p. 108-116

Milomirka Madić, Dragan Djurović, Desimir KNEZEVIC, Aleksandar Paunović, Snežana Tanasković


Five two-row winter barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cultivars divergent in spike traits were crossed in all possible combinations excluding reciprocals to produce 10 F1 and F2 hybrids for analysis of combining abilities. The analysis of variance of combining abilities showed significant differences for GCA and SCA in F1 hybrids and F2 generation, suggesting additive and non-additive gene action. The GCA/SCA ratio in F1 and F2 indicated the prevalence of the additive component of genetic variance for spike length, grain weight per spike and spike harvest index. By contrast, the SCA variance for grain weight per spike was higher than the GCA variance, indicating the dominance of non-additive gene action. Good GCAs were found in parents having high values for spike length (Djerdap, NS-293), grain number per spike (Vada, Jagodinac), grain weight per spike (Vada, NS-293) and spike harvest index (Djerdap, Jagodinac). None of the parents had good GCA for all traits, suggesting a potential increase in combining abilities for spike traits. The best SCA were obtained mostly from crosses between parents having high x low, high x high or average x low GCA values. Parents having high GCA values may be used to produce improved lines in hybridisation programmes. Combinations with high SCA values may yield good segregating lines in further selection programmes.


barley, combining abilities, gene effect, spike traits


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