DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/15.1.1426

Original scientific paper

A systemic approach to testing the tribological properties of selected materials of agricultural machines

2014, 15 (1)   p. 146-159

Marian Kučera, Ján Pršan, Pavol Kostoláni


The contribution brings the evaluation of selected materials regarding wear resistance under conditions of two experiments. The following materials had been chosen for these experiments: steel E295, steel C 45 after heat treatment, steel C 45 after quenching and steel 16MnCr5 after carburizing and quenching. The experiment was performed on a test device belonging to the category of “pin – disk“ test devices. The resistance of selected materials was evaluated regarding energy consumption, and it was compared to sizes of weight loss. It was observed that the material C 45 after heat treatment reached the highest values of wear resistance in conditions of adhesive wear without lubrication. The material 16MnCr5 indicated the best results in conditions of abrasive wear.


tribology, agricultural machines´ materials, adhesive wear, abrasive wear


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