Original scientific paper

The influence of the genomic data on the showjumping horses performance evaluation

2014, 15 (2)   p. 33-40

Zuzana Schubertová, Ivan Pavlík, Juraj Candrák


The aim of this study was to find out the influence of the genomic data on the showjumping horses performance evaluation for the purpose of genetic evaluation and subsequent estimation of breeding values of sport horses in Slovakia. For the evaluation of showjumping performance data of Global Champions Tour (season 2012) was used. The 4,729 individual competitions were recorded. The fourteen SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) linked with showjumping performance were used for the simulation analyse. To explain the variability of horses ranking we used some different models. In the first model without SNP effect we are able to describe 53 % of performance (coefficient of determination R2 was 0.53). In linear model with some effects in form of quadratic regression we obtained R2 0.60. Highest R2 0.61 we obtained in the third model where one SNP effect was taken into account. Coefficient of determination R2 = 0.63 we obtained in the model where we used fourteen simulated SNP effects. It is possible to use simulated SNP data for evaluation of performance of showjumping horses. We observed increase of R2 in dependence on number of involved SNPs in the model. In case of fourteen simulated SNP effects used in the linear model, increase of R2 was 0.03 compared to the model without SNP effect.


genomics, horses, showjumping performance, snp

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