Original scientific paper

Comparison of welfare of cows kept on organic and conventional farms using Animal needs index system

2014, 15 (2)   p. 95-108

Jana Kottferova, Tomas Jakuba, Jana Marekova, Jana Kisova, Magdalena Fejsakova, Eva Haladova, Olga Ondrasovicova


The aim of the study was to compare and evaluate the welfare of cows kept on two conventional and two organic farms using Animal Needs Index (ANI) system. The system is rapid and easy to use. Its most important advantage is that it provides a final score and thus allows one to rate the evaluated object on a scale reflecting the level of welfare on the respective farm and thus compare farms with different ways of housing. The system showed a very good welfare level on two of four evaluated farms, both with free housing of cows, one organic and one conventional.


animal need index, cattle, evaluation, welfare

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