Original scientific paper

Duration of reproductive utilization of mares from Purebred arabian and Shagya-arabian breed

2014, 15 (2)   p. 129-136

Maya Popova


An analysis was made of the reproductive utilization of mares from the Purebred Arabian and Shagya-Arabian breed in the only National State Stud Farm Kabiyuk near Shumen. Stud book records and the breeding registers for a 32-year period (1980-2012) were used for the analysis. Thirty-nine Purebred Arabian mares and 52 mares from the Shagya-Arabian breed were included in the study. It was established that the average (LS) age at first covering of the mares of Purebred Arabian breed was 1584,2 ± 29,5 days (4,34 years), the average age at first fertilization was 1682,9 ± 24,1 days (4,61 years) and the average age at first foaling was 2117,7 ± 69,9 days (5,80 years). For the mares from the Shagya-Arabian breed, the average values of those traits were 1617,1 ± 18,1(4,43 years), 1673,9 ± 18,8 (4,59 years) and 2202,4 ± 53,9 days (6,03 years), respectively. The mares from the Purebred Arabian breed were used for breeding for 11,0 ± 1,04 years in average, to the age of 15,3 ± 1,06 years, and those of Shagya-Arabian breed for 12,2 ± 1,01 years to the age of 16,4 ± 1,19 years, respectively. The breed is not a significant source of variation in reproductive performance of the mares.


age at first covering, age at first fertilization, age at first foaling, arabian mares, reproductive utilization

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