Original scientific paper

The analysis of the body composition changes during growth in pigs using the visual image analysis

2014, 15 (4)   p. 22-30

Jaroslav Čítek , Roman Stupka, Michal Šprysl, Monika OKROUHLÁ


The aim of the study was to estimate the live weight and lean meat percentage (LMP) using image analysis. The image analysis technique is based on finding certain anatomical proportions in pigs. The test was carried out with the use of 72 hybrids pigs. At the age of 120 and 170 days and at an ABW 64 and 110 kg, the animals were individually weighed and photographed. The total of 7 linear and 4 areal dimensions were measured on the live animals. Using correlation analysis, the relationship between average body weight (ABW), carcass quality and body measurements was determined. The study found higher positive correlation coefficients between the measured length dimensions and the weight of the main carcass parts. Video image analysis appears to be a suitable method for the body parts weight determination. However, the presumption of a reliable LMP estimation wasn’t confirmed in any of the measurements.


carcass body, carcass weight, lean meat percentage, pig, video image analysis

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