Original scientific paper

Effect of Polish and foreign purebred Arabian stallions on conformation traits of their progeny participating in shows in the last decade

2014, 15 (4)   p. 115-123

Rafał Czarnecki


Observations confirm correctness of the statement that the best recommendation for a stallion is his progeny. The aim of this study was indicating purebred Arabian stallions passing on to their progeny best conformation traits, assessed in Polish shows, in the past decade, taking into consideration their origin. The analysis included national and foreign stallions used in Polish breeding of purebred Arabian horses, which are fathers of at least 5 heads of progeny. The author’s own research proved that progeny of foreign stallions statistically differed significantly from the progeny sired by Polish stallions within all conformation traits tested in shows. In the studied period, the highest final score (91.37 points) and note for the trait ‘type’ (19.11 points) was characteristic of the progeny of QR Marc. The best head was passed on by stallions: QR Marc (19.06 points) and WH Justice (18.78 points), born in the United States and owned by the European breeders. In the Top Ten of producers passing on a refined head to their progeny, there was only one Polish stallion bred in the Horse Stud Michałów, Ekstern (18.29 points). Progeny with the most correct body structure was sired by foreign stallions, Eden C (18.13 points) and QR Marc (18.13 points), and by the Polish stallion, Złocień (17.95 points). The highest score for the trait ‘legs’ was obtained by the progeny of the Qatar stallion Gazal Al Shaqab (16.30 points). However, the title of the father of the best movers got an Israeli stallion, Laheeb (18.91 points).


arabian horse, conformation, show, stallion

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