Original scientific paper


2014, 15 (4)   p. 157-168

Luboš Zábranský , Miloslav Soch, Monika Pániková, Anna Šimková , Kateřina Švejdová , Bohuslav Čermák , Jana ŠŤASTNÁ


Healthy and strong individuals are fundamental in every cattle breeding. The aim of this study was to find out which of these given supplement had the best influence on calf weight gain in the early period after weaning to milk nutrition. This research was carried out in cooperation with the farm in Haklovy Dvory. Calves were studied from March 2012 to February 2013. They were weaned into outdoor individual box after birth. There were added supplements into their ration in the first two weeks of life. Calves were partitioned according to the added supplement into three experimental groups and one control group. The first weight control of calves was after birth and the second weight control was at the age of thirty days. The average weight gain was calculated from the differences in these values. The best demonstrable effect was in the experimental Homeopathy and Prebiotics (Biopolym) groups with the average increment of 26.9 kilograms, then in the experimental Probiotics (Lactovita) group with the average increment of 26.1 kilograms. The last group was the Control one, there was not any change in the calves’ ration and their average increment was 23.5 kilograms. The results of the statistical evaluation was p = 0.0572 in the Biopolym group, p = 0.2570 in the Lactovita group and p = 0.2124 in the Homeopathy group versus the Control group. It can be concluded from the results of this study that calves had a positive reaction on the supplements added in the first days of life and these had a favourable effect on diarrhoea prevention. Prebiotics, homeopathic drugs and probiotics beneficially stimulate calves’ digestive system and, in general, they have a positive effect on the calves’ physiological condition.


calf, diarrhoea, dietary supplements, rumen

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