Review article

Biologically active substances of edible insects and their use in agriculture, veterinary and human medicine – a review

2014, 15 (4)   p. 225-237

Jiri Mlcek, Marie Borkovcova, Otakar Rop, Martina Bednarova


Possibilities of edible insect use in Western countries is now increasingly debated issue. Insects in Asian, African, American and South Central American cultures are mainly nutritional components. In Europe and other developed countries, however, insect is used in different ways, and this issue is viewed from a different angle. Insects are mainly used as feed for animals, in the organic waste recycling systems, in human and veterinary medicine, material production (such as silk) etc. This review summarizes up-to-date knowledge about using edible insects in human, veterinary medicine and agriculture, especially from the viewpoint of the biological and chemical content of active substances and the possibilities of further use in these areas.


antioxidants, chitin, feed, human medicine, insect, insulin, vertebrates

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