Original scientific paper

The influence of controlled nutrition intensity on the muscle fiber characteristics in fattening pigs

2015, 16 (1)   p. 92-99

Luboš Brzobohatý , Roman Stupka, Jaroslav Čítek , Michal Šprysl, Monika OKROUHLÁ, Karel Vehovsky


The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of controlled nutrition on the selected muscle fibres indicators and carcass value in pork. The test included 72 hybrid pigs of the D x (LWD x L) genotype of a balanced sex (barrows/gilts). Animals were divided into two groups; the 1st (control) group was fed ad libitum, while the nutrition of the 2nd (experimental) group was restricted upon reaching 80 kg of live weight. The nutritional restriction was achieved by feeding the animals with maximum dose of CFM up to 2.8 kg*day-1 (corresponding to 36.4 MJ ME*day-1, 46.76 g NS*day-1 and 23.52 g LYS*day-1). From the obtained results it is evident that the daily feed intake restriction corresponds with greater number of the MLLT muscle fibers as well as with a higher IIB type muscle fibers share, higher lean meat share and a higher shoulder proportion in the carcass.


carcass value, food technology, muscle fibre, pig

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