Preliminary communication

Local stakeholders perception on development possibilities of Croatian islands - example of the island of Cres

2015, 16 (1)   p. 259-276

Ivan Đogić, MARIJA Cerjak


Croatian islands are characterized by a specific relief, climate, tradition, customs and history, which influenced their economic development. Agriculture, along with fisheries and maritime affairs, has always been the main economic activity in the islands. However, the economic situation changed in recent decades and today the islands’ economy relies heavily on tourism. Still, preserved nature and social relations present the biggest competitive advantage of the islands. High-quality agricultural products together with agricultural tradition and lifestyle of the islanders can be used for tourism purposes. High quality and uniqueness of agricultural products, specific traditions and technologies of cultivation and production together with the existing tourism demand are basic preconditions for strengthening the ties of agriculture and tourism. Development of agriculture and tourism in the islands should be based on local initiative and involvement of islanders in defining strategic development guidelines, as tourism development of the islands seeks coexistence with local, traditional culture. The aim of this paper is to show the possibilities for the development of agriculture and tourism on the island of Cres, based on the opinions and attitudes of local stakeholders. For this purpose we performed 3-round Delphi study with 17 local experts who agreed on the major issues of agriculture and tourism on the island and identified steps that should be taken in the future for further development of these activities.


agriculture, croatian islands, delphi method, development, island cres, tourism

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