Original scientific paper

Review of the specific measures for support of the autochthonous breeds in Bulgaria

2015, 16 (2)   p. 38-46

Vasil Nikolov


The measures for support of 22 autochthonous breeds in Bulgaria are reviewed. It is concluded, that as a whole the support is more effective in the mountainous and semi-mountainous regions, where the opportunities for alternative agriculture are smaller. The numerous funding prerequisites and administrative formalities are some of the main obstacles to the inclusion of more farmers in the support programmes, and a hurdle to the change of the population trends in positive direction. A serious restriction is the requirement for pastures for herbivorous animals in the plane regions with intensive agriculture. In conclusion it is mentioned that the support for preservation of the local autochthonous breeds should be bound only with requirements for retaining the number of the animals and their rearing in traditional for the breed conditions.


dried herbs, chickens, blood biochemical parameters, garlic, egg production, growth performance, mortality

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