Original scientific paper

Morphogenesis of karst poljes on Vis Island, Croatia

2015, 16 (2)   p. 99-116

Kristina Krklec, Sanja Lozić, Ante Šiljeg, Dražen Perica, Silvija Šiljeg


Karst poljes are the most characteristic feature of Dinaric karst area. The number of poljes identified on the island of Vis (Croatia) differs according to the various authors who have studied the island. Considering the various existing definitions of polje in previous studies, in this paper we propose a set of criteria for identifying poljes in karst terrain using Geographic Information System. This enabled the identification of six poljes on the Vis Island, whose formation is predetermined by tectonic structures. Moreover, processes are frequently inferred by neotectonic (both uplift and subsidence) according to the analysis of longitudinal and transverse profiles gradients affecting balance of these morphologies. Since they are not hydrologically active in present hydrological conditions, poljes on Vis Island can be considered to be paleo - overflow or structural poljes.


karst polje, morphogenesis, vis island

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