Original scientific paper

A new approach to use rice husk and different types of opener in punch planting of common bean

2015, 16 (2)   p. 162-171

Nader Dehkordi , Rouhollah Farhadi


This study attempts to improve planting common bean in different soils. Punch planting method was used and the effect of different openers and rice husk mulch as a new idea in punch planting was tested. A factorial experiment in Completely randomized design was implemented in the farm of Shahrekord University. Shahrekord has a temperate and cold region with dry and warm summer. Common bean was planted to test the seedbed shape (bar, conical and grooved), sowing depth (6 and 9 cm) and the seedbed mulching (with husk and without it). The percentage of emerged plants at the time of dividing in two leaves, average height of bushes in flowering and average leaf number of each bush in flowering, the rate of height growth and the number of leaves over day and night (appropriate time of measurement from budding to flowering was considered) were measured. The grooved shape and seed coverage using rice husk mulch are recommended. There were no significant differences in depth factor.


bud, germination, growth indicators, mulch, phaseolus vulgaris, seedbed shape

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