Original scientific paper

Genetic variability and correlation studies in some drought-resistant sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) genotypes

2015, 16 (2)   p. 212-220

Boris Yankov, Nurettin Tahsin


Five sunflower hybrids (Albena, Super Start, Zora, Santafe and San Luka) and their parental lines (2607, 1234, 1607, 147 R, RW-666, RF-673 and 19R) were tested on a block design in four replication in the course of two years. The highest phenotypic and genotypic coefficients of variation were recorded for seed yield per plant followed by the number of seeds per plant and 1000 seed weight, while the lowest value was observed at 50% flowering. The heritability coefficients in a broad sense were high in all characters and ranged from 69.74 % to 96.96 %. Correlation between the main quantitative characters found a positive correlation with the seed yield per plant. Oil content was lower but not significantly correlated concerning the head diameter, the 1000-seed weight, the plant height, the stem diameter and the days to 50% flowering.


correlation, genetic variability, genotypes, sunflower

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