DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/16.4.1632

Original scientific paper

Importance of microbiological research of bioaerosols during horse breeding

2015, 16 (4)   p. 357-369



The aim of this study was to estimate microbiological quality of bioaerosols sampled from indoor and outdoor air of stables. Two types of closed stables (type 1 and 2) and one opened were tested during winter, spring and summer periods. Summary the highest number of bacteria was in closed stable type 2 (above 105 CFU×m-3), then opened (up to 105 CFU×m-3) and stable type 1 (near low 104 CFU×m-3). The number of fungi did not exceed 104 CFU×m-3 and was the greatest in stable type 1. Pool of mesophilic bacteria isolated from bioaerosols of both closed stables represented almost the same genetic profile, as well as between psychrophilic bacteria isolated from opened stable and background.


air sampling, bacteria, bioaerosol, fungi, horse breeding, stable


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