DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/17.1.1668

Original scientific paper

Inheritance of coat colour in Slovak Pinzgau cattle

2016, 17 (1)   p. 48-55

Radovan Kasarda, Veronika Šidlová, Ivan Pavlík, Nina Moravčíková, Ondrej Kadlečík


The objective of the work was analysis of chestnut coat colour inheritance of Slovak Pinzgau cattle in accordance to age and farming system. In 304 cows of breeding groups P0,P1,P2 and R3 born between 2000 to 2010 from four breeding herds (4 agricultural cooperatives and JSC: PD Smrečany – farm Veterná Poruba, PD Spišské Bystré – farm Kvetnica, Agria Liptovský Ondrej JSC – farm Liptovská Porúbka, PD LČV Čimhová) was measured intensity of coat colour. For objective measurement of coat colour the handheld Minolta Chromameter CM-2600d was applied using the CIE L*a*b* colour space. The instrument recorded the values L*, a* and b*. The L* value shows the lightness of the colour, a* value indicates the red/green, while the b* value indicates the yellow/blue chromaticity of the colour. The values C* (Chroma/saturation) and h (hue) were derived from the values a* and b*. Average lightness in observed animals was 22.60; average of the red chroma was 8.84 resp. 13.32 for the yellow chroma. Saturation of coat colour was 16.19 resp. 0.97 for hue.


colour inheritance, hue, lightness, pinzgau cattle, rearing system, saturation


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