DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/17.2.1702

Original scientific paper

Histochemical Muscle Fiber Characteristics of Texel Meat

2016, 17 (2)   p. 285-293

Milena Fantová , Ludmila ŠKARKOVÁ, Martin Ptáček , Klára MICHNOVÁ, Lenka Nohejlová , Jaromir DUCHÁČEK


The trial was performed on 12 Texel lambs (6 males and 6 females) in selected flock. The lambs were slaughtered at the age of 180 days and samples of musculus longissimus lumborum et thoracis (MLLT) and musculus quadriceps femoris (QFM) were collected. The histochemical traits of fiber cross sectional area, diameter and perimeter were monitored. Subsequently the fiber type distribution was calculated and evaluated. The dataset was evaluated using SAS. Significantly higher pH value (+0.88; P < 0.01) was marked in females, while significantly higher L* attribute was observed in males. No differences between males and females were detected in histochemical evaluation. On the other hand significant differences (P < 0.05 to 0.01) were observed in fiber type distribution and cross sectional area parameters of MLLT and QMF muscles. In praxis the results are usable for meat scientists, sheep breeders or the meat industry.


cross sectional area, diameter, muscle fiber type distribution, musculus longissimus lumborum et thoracis, musculus quadriceps femoris, perimeter


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