DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/17.2.1724

Original scientific paper

Floodplain forest protection in agriculturally intensive areas (from design to implementation)

2016, 17 (2)   p. 420-432

František Petrovič, Pavol STRANOVSKÝ, Zlatica Muchová


Floodplain forests are Europe’s most endangered forest habitats. In many areas they have either been transformed into arable land or cultivated as poplar plantations. The Territorial System of Ecological Stability (TSES) used in Šaľa, Slovakia, creates the ecological framework for agriculturally intensive areas. This paper discusses the study of floodplain forests in the Lower Váh River composed of willows of the Salix genus and poplars. It presents a design for applying recommendations from scientific research related to TSES for legislation to protect the last natural fragments of floodplain forests in Šaľa district through the Luhy na Bystrom Protected Landscape Element in agriculturally intensive areas.


agriculturally intensive areas, biotope, floodplain forests, habitat, territorial system of ecological stability


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