DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/17.4.1800

Original scientific paper

Polymorphism of proteins in selected slovak winter wheat genotypes using SDS-PAGE

2016, 17 (4)   p. 970-985

Dana Miháliková, Zdenka MIHÁLIKOVÁGÁLOVÁ, Lenka Petrovičová, Milan Chňapek


Winter wheat is especially used for bread-making. The specific composition of the grain storage proteins and the representation of individual subunits determines the baking quality of wheat. The aim of this study was to analyze 15 slovak varieties of the winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) based on protein polymorphism and to predict their technological quality. SDS-PAGE method by ISTA was used to separate glutenin protein subunits. Glutenins were separated into HMW-GS (15.13%) and LMW-GS (65.89%) on the basis of molecular weight in SDS-PAGE. At the locus Glu-A1 was found allele Null (53% of genotypes) and allele 1 (47% of genotypes). The locus Glu-B1 was represented by the HMW-GS subunits 6+8 (33% of genotypes), 7+8 (27% of genotypes), 7+9 (40% of genotypes). At the locus Glu-D1 were detected two subunits, 2+12 (33% of genotypes) and 5+10 (67% of genotypes) which is correlated with good bread-making properties. The Glu – score was ranged from 4 (genotype Viglanka) to 10 (genotypes Viola, Vladarka). According to the representation of individual glutenin subunits in samples, the dendrogram of genetic similarity was constructed. By the prediction of quality the results showed that the best technological quality was significant in the varieties Viola and Vladarka which are suitable for use in food processing.


prediction of technological quality, sds-page, storage proteins, winter wheat


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