DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/18.2.1902

Professional paper

An algorithm for determination of the morphological characteristics of honey bees

2017, 18 (2)   p. 305-308

Zlatin ZLATEV, Veselina NEDEVA


At the current level of science and technology is used semi-automatic measurement of body parts of the bees, yielding images taken with a reference object via a camera or a scanner and then perform measurement by software using a pointing device. There are attempts to fully automated process of measuring the morphological characteristics of bees, at this stage there are conversions for Measuring wings, but this process for other parts are still made by manual way. The informative colour features for the separation of tergite and probotics from background in the image are selected by distance functions and correspondence analysis. Distances are determined between the values of the colour components of the object and background. From statistical analysis is found that appropriate for the separation of an object from background are S and V colour components of the HSV colour model. Algorithms and program in Matlab environment for separating tergite and proboscis from the background of the image and definition of their main sizes are developed. From the analysis of the results is found that the major influence on the accuracy of the measurement is the angle at the disposal of the bee body part in the image.


morphometric characteristics, measurement algorithm, colour components honey bee


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