Original scientific paper

Status of Fe, Mn and Zn in red beet due to fertilization and environment

2017, 18 (3)   p. 554-570

Marko PETEK, Nina TOTH, Marija Pecina , Boris LAZAREVIĆ, Igor PALČIĆ, Mirjana Herak Ćustić


Soil is a non-renewable resource, so it should be taken care of it. High quality food with sufficient yield for a growing human population can be produced only if plant nutrients are added to the soil by fertilizers to increase soil fertility, but the fertilizers have to be used economically, with the aim of raising the nutrient content available in the soil in order to meet plants’ needs. The goal of the present investigation was to determine the effect of application of organic and mineral fertilizers as well as the effect of research environment on micronutrient content in red beet root. A field trial (2003–2005) was set up in a hilly part of Croatia according to the Latin square method, with four types of fertilization (control, 50 t stable manure*ha-1, 500 and 1,000 kg NPK 5-20-30*ha-1). After digestion of plant material with concentrated HNO3, iron, manganese, and zinc were determined by an atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS). The highest average red beet root micronutrient contents (270 mg Fe*kg-1 in dry matter, 96 mg Zn*kg-1 in dry matter, and 53 mg Mn*kg-1 in dry matter) were determined in the first research environment (Brašljevica in 2003) with low potassium soil content. There was a general decreasing trend in contents of the studied micronutrients (Fe, Mn and Zn) with NPK 5-20-30 fertilization (and by application of high doses of potassium), certainly due to antagonistic activity with potassium. It is suggested to fertilize with both 500 kg NPK 5-20-30*ha-1 and microelement fertilizers.


beta vulgaris var. conditiva alef., iron, manganese, microelement, vegetable, zinc

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