Original scientific paper

The selected histological traits of the pectoral muscle and basic slaughter values in crossbred geese

2017, 18 (4)   p. 783-793

Konrad WALASIK, Joanna BOGUCKA, Magdalena STANEK, Monika BOGUSŁAWSKA-TRYK, Magdalena Drewka


The aim of study was to determine of basic values slaughter meat production and histological parameters of pectoral muscle in quadruple 24 weeks old crossbred geese. The hybrids produced using Graylag, White Kołuda and Slovakian geese. The geese were divided to 4 groups differing crosses scheme. The body weight before slaughter was in the range from 4,752 g to 4,921 g, weight of carcass with neck from 3,101 g to 3,175 g and weight of breast muscles from 649 g to 698 g. Histological analysis of pectoral muscle showed that diameters of white fibers (αW) was in the range from 43 μm to 46 μm, red fibers (βR) from 19.4 μm to 22.1 μm. The percentage share of αW muscle fibers was in the range from 25.3% to 28.9%, βR fibers from 71.1% to 74.7%. The number of muscle fibers per unit area was in the range from 256 to 316 and intramuscular fat content from 3.9% to 6.7%. The results of evaluation of microstructural traits of musculus pectoralis superficialis and meat production parameters suggest that the breast muscles of the crossbred geese are raw material of high quality. The quadruple crossbred geese with graylag geese it is an alternative for production of high-quality meat.


crossbred geese, graylag geese, histological traits, pectoral muscles

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