Original scientific paper

Technological characterization and consumer perception of dry fermented game sausages with bay leaf (Laurus nobilis L.) essential oil

2017, 18 (4)   p. 794-805

Ivica KOS, Dalibor BEDEKOVIĆ, Ivan ŠIRIĆ, Ivan Vnučec, Mateja PEĆINA, Ana GLUMPAK, Klaudija CAROVIĆ STANKO


The aim of this paper was to determine basic technological traits and sensory acceptance of dry game sausages with addition of bay leaf (Laurus nobilis L.) essential oil. For that purpose, three treatments were established: controlled C, L1 with addition of 0.005% of bay leaf essential oil, and L2 with addition of 0.01% of bay leaf essential oil. Measurement of pH, water activity and thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) values were performed at the end of production, while after storage for 2 months in vacuum and cold sensory hedonic test on 106 subjects was done. It was found that sausages with added bay leaf essential oil had significantly lower pH values (L1 and L2 treatment), water activity (L1 treatment) and TBARS values (L1 and L2 treatment) compared to control treatment C. Statistical analysis of sensory data revealed that sausages from C treatment were rated with significantly higher acceptability and willingness to buy than L1 and L2 treatments. It was established that sensory traits of sausages from treatment C were liked in 98.61% of consumers, from treatment L1 in 90.93%, while sausages from treatment L2 were liked in 85.71% of consumers. The highest proportion of consumers willing to buy sausages were in treatment C (91.11%), followed by sausages in treatment L1 (84.31%), and the lowest proportion were in treatment L2 (66.67%). Although beneficial impact of addition of bay leaf essential oil on technological traits was found, there was an unfavorable effect on sensory traits and willingness to buy sausages possibly due to the consumers’ existing expectation of sensory characteristics of dry game sausages.


bay leaf, dry game sausages, essential oil, sensory analysis, technological traits

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