Original scientific paper

Consumers' attitudes towards ethnic food consumption

2018, 19 (2)   p. 349-367

Marina Tomić, Kristina Deronja, Milna Tudor Kalit, Željka Mesić


Globalization, international migration and food promotion via media platforms have lead to increased consumption of ethnic food. The main aim of the research is to explore the relation between attitudes and behaviour in the ethnic food purchase and consumption. An on-line survey was conducted on a sample of 230 respondents. Most respondents consume ethnic food, mostly on a weekly basis, at home and in restaurants. The largest share of respondents has neutral attitudes towards ethnic food. Respondents with positive attitudes towards ethnic food consume ethnic food more often at home, those with neutral attitudes consume such food in restaurants, while respondents who have negative attitudes about ethnic food consume ethnic food mostly at friend’s. The respondents with positive attitudes towards ethnic food give higher importance to all ethnic food attributes (price, appearance, taste, origin, price/quality ratio and service). Results of this research can serve producers and distributors of ethnic foods to better suit the demands of modern consumers.


attitudes, consumers, ethnic food, survey

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