DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/20.1.1995

Original scientific paper

Growth, carcass value and blood biochemical parameters of Czech Genetic Resources of nutria (Myocastor coypus)

2019, 20 (1)   p. 108-118

Tomáš Němeček, Eva Tumova, Darina Chodova


The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of colour type and sex of nutrias on growth, carcass composition, weight of organs and biochemical parameters of blood. One hundred and twenty nutrias (Bohemian type of Standard -ST, Moravian Silver - MS and Prestice Multicolour - PV) from weaning age at 2 month till 8 months were studied. Growth of nutrias was affected by significant interaction of the colour type and sex till the age of 6 months. The sex had effect from the age of three months with more intensive growth in males. Dressing out percentage was unaffected by any of the observed factors and ranged from 56% to 59%. The weight of the hind leg meat was affected by interaction of colour type and sex (P≤0.009) whereas weight of the loin (P≤0.03) and the weight of the hind leg meat (P≤0.01) by colour type. The weight of the internal organs was affected by sex. In the case of blood biochemical characteristics, the interactions of colour type and sex were found in total protein (P≤0.013) and glucose (P≤0.012). The effect of the colour type was in total protein (P≤0.017), urea (P≤0.001), triacylglycerol (P≤0.011) and glucose (P≤0.001). In conclusion, the results of the study show that sex of nutrias had a higher impact on growth, carcass composition and blood biochemistry than colour type.


biochemical composition of blood, carcass value, growth, nutrias


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