Original scientific paper

Distribution of nine viruses in Croatian autochthonous grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) cultivars from Dalmatian region included in clonal selection

2019, 20 (1)   p. 262-273

Darko Vončina, Darko Preiner, Silvio Šimon, Bogdan Cvjetković, Edi Maletić, Ivan Pejić, Jasminka Karoglan Kontić


The investigation of virus incidence was conducted on 14 autochthonous Croatian grapevine cultivars on vines from 51 vineyard located in the Dalmatian region. A total of 1,116 vines were tested by ELISA on nine viruses: Arabis mosaic virus (ArMV), Grapevine fanleaf virus (GFLV), Grapevine fleck virus (GFkV), Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 1, 2, 3 and 7 (GLRaV-1, GLRaV-2, GLRaV-3 and GLRaV-7), Grapevine virus A and B (GVA and GVB). ELISA confirmed presence of eight viruses: GLRaV-3 in 888 vines (79.6%), GVA 685 (61.4%), GLRaV-1 455 (40.8%), GFkV 223 (19.9%), GFLV 219 (19.6%), GLRaV-2 46 (4.1%), ArMV 36 (3.2%) and GVB 35 (3.1%). Altogether 93 vines (8.3%) were free of all tested viruses, 168 (15.1%) were infected with a single virus, 368 (32.9%) with two, 314 (28.1%) with three, 127 (11.4%) with four, 43 (3.9%) with five, and 3 (0.3%) vines with six viruses. Symptoms of premature leaf color change and downward curling of leaf blades were common, while abnormal branching, short internodes, double nodes and irregular ripening were detected sporadically. The investigation confirms deteriorated sanitary status of all cultivars except Grk and Plavina and indicates the necessity of intensifying grapevine clonal and sanitary selection programs.


autochthonous grapevine cultivars, ELISA, grapevine viruses, symptoms

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