Original scientific paper

Methods for introduction of objective criteria for bioconversion of energy and nutrients along the feed-animal products chain in meat-type poultry farming

2018, 19 (2)   p. 270-277

Dimo Penkov, Atanas Genchev


The authors propose a new approach for the determination of the conversion of energy and nutrients from the consumed feed (primary unit) to animal products (secondary unit). For this purpose, specific criteria for the conversion of energy and nutrients (“Clarke of distribution of the energy” and “Clarke of transformation of the protein/amino acids”) are introduced, so as an exemplary methodology for their calculation is shown. In the model calculations data from real experiments with Japanese quails are used. Although the proposed criteria are not economic, the authors suggest that their input will be a good basis for selection and technology assessment in the meet poultry breeding.


Clarke of distribution of the energy, Clarke of transformation of the protein, fodder, poultry meat

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