Original scientific paper

Comparison of the interior characteristics of Slovak warmblood horses and Lipizzan horses

2018, 19 (2)   p. 295-307



One of the important factors that significantly affects the intensity and content of training and determines the performance it the horse interior. Character and temperament traits are described in the breeding goals of each breed of horse. The aim of this study was to analyze the horse interior and comparison the interior characteristics of two studied horse breeds Slovak warmblood horses and Lipizzan horses. Into the analysis were included 65 horses from National Stud Farm Topoľčianky, Slovak warmblood horses (n1 = 33) and Lipizzan horses (n2 = 32).Interior was analyzed through a questionnaire with 13 indicators with 10 point system, where 10 being the highest rating. Slovak warmblood horses become the highest ratings (average 89.1 pt, 74.42%) and Lipizzan horses (86.1 pt, 66.2%), so both breeds of horses can be considered as the breeds with balanced characteristics of temperament and character. But Lipizzan horses are more balanced, because their results had lower variability. There were insignificant differences between the analyzed horses in the studied breeds. Nevertheless, a several analyzes of individual indicators showed that between the Slovak warmblood horses and Lipizzan horses there is a significant difference in a single indicator of interior - 10 - Stress managing. In particular, it has been shown that Lipizzan horses manage stress significantly better than Slovak warmblood horses.


character, horse, interior, Lipizzan, Slovak warmblood, temperament

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