Review article

Aromatic compounds of cheese ripening in animal skin: An overview

2018, 19 (2)   p. 318-334

Marija VRDOLJAK, Nataša MIKULEC, Ksenija MARKOV, Samir KALIT, Jadranka FRECE


The aroma of a cheese is one of the key quality parameters and signs of distinguishing certain cheese types by consumers. Therefore, the aim of this paper is review the existing knowledge of the aromatic profile of cheeses ripening in an animal skin. Cheeses that ripen in an animal skin and produced in similar technology in Croatia (mišina – cheese in a sack), in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Cheese in a sack (local name: mjeh), Montenegro (Cheese in a sack (local name: mjeh), Turkey (Tulum cheese), Lebanon (Darfiyeh cheese) and eastern Algeria (Bouhezza cheese). The specific characteristic of these cheeses is ripening in an animal skin, as in a sack (of ewe or goat). The aromatic profile of these cheeses has not been sufficiently investigated and has been conducted primarily on Tulum and to a smaller extent of Lebanese Darfiyeh cheese, and cheese in a sack. There is no data about other cheeses that ripen in an animal skin. Since very little research has been made on the aromatic profile of these cheeses, further research should be conducted.


animal skin, aromatic compounds, cheese, ripening

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