DOI: /10.5513/JCEA01/20.1.2262

Original scientific paper

Impact of cultivation methods on properties of black cumin (Nigella sativa L.) seeds

2019, 20 (1)   p. 353-364

Piotr Zapotoczny, Krystyna Żuk-Gołaszewska, Ewa Ropelewska


The aim of this study was to determine the physical properties of black cumin seeds subjected to various cultivation methods (n=10) (level of nitrogen fertilization, sowing date, row spacing and integrated protection). The experiments were carried out in two years. Thousand seed weight ranged from 2.11 to 2.44 g in first year, and from 1.96 to 2.39 g in second year. In first year, bulk density ranged from 0.464 to 0.506 g*cm-3, true density – from 0.956 to 1.017 g*cm-3, and porosity – from 49.6 to 53.9%. In second year, bulk density ranged from 0.441 to 0.465 g cm-3, true density - from 0.996 to 1.061 g*cm-3, and porosity – from 54.3 to 58.4%. The mean values of optical properties were also determined. In seeds harvested in first year, the values of parameter L* reached 33.04-33.56, a*: 0.42-0.76, b*: 1-1.69, and YI E313: 5.61-7.91. In seeds harvested in second year, the respective values were as follows: L*: 32.84-33.93, a*: 0.39-0.97, b*: 0.82-2.06, and YI E313: 5.22-9.78. In first year, seed length (L) was in the range of 2.61-2.73 mm, width (S): 1.67-1.72 mm, mean thickness factor (W5): 0.805-0.858, and roundness (W13): 0.792-0.815. In seeds harvested in second year, the respective values were as follows: L: 2.59-2.95 mm, S: 1.57-1.66 mm, W5: 0.667-0.742, W13: 0.825-0.871. The most beneficial influence on the physical parameters of black cumin seeds had nitrogen fertilization at 100 kg*ha-1, seeding delayed by 20 days, row spacing of 15 or 30 cm, and the application of Penncozeb 80 WP.


black cumin, cultivation methods, geometrical properties, optical properties, physical properties


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